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Red cookie jar is one of the sort of cookie jar that's color is its specialist. There are a large amount of cookie jars that are produced every day in the different pottery or kitchen accessories companies. The main purpose and use of all kind of cookie jars are same that to keep the cookies and food stuff of human beings and pet animals, but they all have dissimilarity among them of shape, design, size and colors. Red cookie jar are differ from other sort of cookie jars by its color that they have red color. They can be of any shape, any size, any designs but they must have red color paint that's why these cookie jars are called as red cookie jar.
Which things are required to make red cookie jar at home?

We can make a red cookie jar by simply using home and kitchen accessories like a blank jam jar or any other kind of glass or ceramic bottle with cap, pencil or marker to make sketch over the bottle, paint of red color is compulsory, other different paint colors, paint brushes of different sizes. These are just the few things that can help you to make yourself a red cookie jar.
Make your own red cookie jar

It's really simple to make yourself a red cookie jar. As we all know that a cookie jar can be of any shape so to make a red cookie jar just have a paint of red color on it. You can make yourself a cookie jar to keep your cookies and food stuff in it. So why you are waiting let's take a jar of your choice shape made of any material such as ceramic or glass, or simply you may take a blank jam jar of glass and paint it completely with red color and then allow it to dry after that take a marker and make sketch over it of your choice then put the paint on the sketch, and like this you can make number of red cookie jars yourself and can craft on it according to your desire.
Styles of red cookie jar

Like other cookie jars, red cookie jar also have a number of styles and design but the most prominent color that is used for them is red, that's why they are called as red cookie jar. They are mostly in the fashion of those things which have red color like cherry, apple, and etc
Red Cookie Jar

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Red Cookie Jar

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This article was published on 2010/11/09