Finding the Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Cookies are an all time favorite snack around the world. But lately, people have been avoiding nibbling on a piece or two because they have been persuaded to think that cookies are not healthy because of the ingredients that are used in making them. While this may somehow be true for some types of cookies, in general cookies can be made from healthy ingredients so that health conscious people need not exclude them from their diet. You can actually make healthy chocolate chip cookies.

The main turn off for those watching their weight is the supposed high sugar content of traditional cookies. Well, you cant expect your cookies to be made from Brussels sprouts but there are other healthy substitutes for the sweet stuff. There are sugar-free chocolate chip cookies which use an equally sweet sugar substitute. There are many brands of sugar substitute available in the market that has gained approval for safe use. If you find traditional cookie ingredients as unhealthy, you can also use healthy ingredients such as nuts, whole wheat flour, bran flakes and oatmeal. You will find that using these ingredients doesnt deduct anything from cookies appeal; if anything, using these healthy substitutes enhances the cookies nutritional value and wonderful taste.

Another ingredient that causes diet watchers to avoid cookies is the fat content. Since cookies have to be made with butter or some other oils, their fat content is usually high, which as we all know, is a definite no-no for dieters.. But some healthy cookie recipes now replace half of the oil or butter with apple sauce and the cookies taste just as great. Apple sauce in cookies may actually affect the taste and texture but cookie monsters will be forgiving in this case, if only for the reason that apple sauce is a healthier ingredient than butter. In fact some veteran cookie connoisseurs dont notice any difference at all and even say that cookies taste better with apple sauce instead of butter. They do know its healthier however, so that could have influenced their opinion. According to those who have tried baking cookies with apple sauce, it seems that the difference in taste and texture is determined by the amount or ratio of substitution. More or less apple sauce in a recipe will result to either noticeable difference or none at all. In their quest for more healthy oil substitute, some bakers have even used pumpkin and according to them, their cookies have met approval from some and rejection from others. We would have to do some more experimenting with other healthier substitutes before we can find the best one. But for now, we can already enjoy healthy chocolate chip cookies if we want to anytime.

You can store your healthy chocolate chip cookies in air-tight containers. They can usually last for three days, if your family fails to discover them first. If you want to keep them longer, try the refrigerator but theyll have less chances of lasting longer there because being in plain view, well, you know the consequences.

If you want to make your own healthy chocolate chip cookies, you can find lots of recipes in the web. Each recipe features similar ingredients but the most important thing is they are healthy and above all taste as heavenly as traditional cookies.

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Finding the Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This article was published on 2011/07/08