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Cookie jars are wonderful ceramic and glass jars that are used for decoration. In America and Canada however, they are mostly used to store cookies and the people in the United Kingdom actually call it biscuit jars. As the name implies, the jars are used to store biscuits and other similar cookies in the United Kingdom. But the cookie jars do not have strict use like say the kettle. They are used throughout the world to store cookies, biscuits, candies, dog treats and even money in some places.

Collectible cookie jars have a wonderful history. They have been used in England and the United Kingdom in whole for close to three centuries now. In those times, they were often made with glass and metal lids were used to cover it. However during the Great Depression in America in 1929, the jars found their way into the United States. As expected, America added another twist to the way the jars were made by developing the ceramic version of the jar. The first company in history to manufacture the ceramic cookie jar was the Brush Pottery Company in Zanesville, Ohio.

So if you are collecting antique cookie jar, you have to know that none of the ceramic jars out there is up to 100 years. So the really unique antiques are the glass cookie jars that were used in the United Kingdom. However you can also scout around for some of the earliest made ceramic cookie jars out there. Before you give money out with the aim of getting one of these antiques, make sure you really know what you are buying. If you are not sure, these collectible cookie jars are available here to buy.

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Collectible cookie jars

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This article was published on 2010/10/18